About Me

profileWelcome to my personal website, I’m an IT Professional from England, UK. I’m currently employed full-time and have a wide range of creative hobbies and interests.

On my site you will find various project work I’ve completed and my projects working with music production, photography, video games and more.

My area of focus, and my profession is Information Technology, specifically IT support. I have over 10 years’ experience in a wide range of ICT disciplines, and always continue to push the boundaries within my profession. I have strong vision and believe that ICT’s main purpose is to ‘enable’ people to work more efficiently.

I have a history with working in video game design, working with small development teams on modifications and total conversion of the Valve SDK – Half-Life(2). Helping to create dynamic menu systems, and general game design, however my my main discipline was usually lead designer on level/map design using various FPS engines such as Source, Unreal and Quake.

Over the past 10 years I’ve been creating original music by recording/producing my own music using industry standard software and equipment. Because of my history and love for Video Games, I’m now working with various Indie game developers to product musical scores for their game.